The Saguaro Sabercat Marching Band is one of the premier performing ensembles at Saguaro High School. The marching band performs at ALL Varsity Football games (both home and away), competes in ABODA Marching Band Festivals, parades throughout the year, and at public events such as corporate luncheons and business openings. The band also plays at a variety of school events from Freshman Night, to Pep Rallies. Marching Band students perform more in their first 2 months than they do in all of their years leading up to high school.

The Marching Band meets every day before school for rehearsals during the Fall Semester. Practice starts at 6:15am and goes until 7:30am. We follow this schedule until the football team finishes their season. These practices are very important and are part of each student’s grade. If a student missed more than 1 practice a week, or are late multiple times, they will not be allowed to perform at that week’s performances. This is done for the safety of the students on the field, and to maintain our level of musical performance.
In addition to our daily schedule, we also have summer practices. The specific summer rehearsal schedule can be found on the Marching Band Summer Calendar listed further down on this page. For the middle two weeks of July students will need to report to the high school for some early evening rehearsals which will all lead up to Band Camp, which will be from 6am-6pm at Saguaro High School. The school will be air conditioned, and the students will not be out during the hottest parts of the day. Students will need to bring their lunches, but some snacks and water will be provided. A detailed schedule will be available in April.

Band Camp
Band Camp is a very important part of the marching band experience, and ALL band members are expected to attend. If a band member cannot attend Band Camp, Mr. Bock will need to know why and will issue excusals on an individual basis. Students not excused from Band Camp will not have a position for them on the field for the first song of the field show, and will be assigned a front ensemble percussion part until the second song when they can join the group on the field.
In addition to teaching content, Band Camp is where the group becomes a team. A special leadership clinician will be brought in to supplement the existing leadership and teamwork curriculum that the band has. We are working constantly to make Band Camp a must-be-at event for all Saguaro Band members.
We do everything we can to keep kids in the marching band. We are able to work out time sharing with athletics and outside activities when appropriate. We also will do everything we can to keep every kid involved. Marching Band doesn’t have a bench, and we rely on the students being there every day to make the magic happen. I can’t think of a better reason to show up to school.

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